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Office of the Provost Accreditation

Indicators of Mission Fulfillment

Indicators of Mission Fulfillment

Topic: NWCCU Recommendation 3 in 2011 to clarify key indicators of mission fulfillment

Challenge/Opportunity: NWCCU indicated in 2011 that WSU needed to clarify the relationship between the institution’s core theme indicators and mission fulfillment. In particular, WSU needed to make a distinction between the role of primary and secondary indicators for monitoring of mission fulfillment.

Recent Actions/Outcomes: WSU significantly revised and reorganized the 86 primary and secondary indicators in its 2008-13 strategic plan into a collection of 40 indicators of achievement identified in 4 overlapping categories; 12 mission-essential indicators, 18 Regents’ key (aspirational) indicators, 16 state performance indicators, and 31 strategic plan/diagnostic indicators. NWCCU concluded in 2013 that the mission-essential subset of indicators appropriately define mission fulfillment.

Current/Future Emphasis or Next Steps: WSU’s refreshed strategic plan includes a crosswalk that maps 57 indicators to specific subgoals. In addition, the Drive to 25 provides a subset of 11 indicators that sharpen the institution’s focus on mission-essential goals.

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NWCCU Standards Reference: Standards 1.A.2, 1.B.2


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