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Faculty Recognition

Faculty Recognition

Topic: How does WSU recognize faculty accomplishments?

Challenges and opportunities: WSU has identified a need to improve its ability to identify faculty who receive awards and other honors (e.g., society fellows), to encourage chairs, deans, and/or directors to nominate faculty for awards, and to ensure that faculty at all campuses are included in award nominations (internal and external awards). The Office of the Provost and faculty senate have been working together to develop a culture of awards and recognition, build on a robust internal awards program to prepare for external awards and recognition, and strengthen administrator support and priority to increase nominations.

Recent actions/outcomes:

  • Creation of a committee to create plans and take action to advance nominations and build a culture of recognition.
  • Establishment of the Vice-Provost for Faculty Development and Recognition position within the Provost’s Office (formerly Vice-Provost for Faculty Affairs).
  • Creation and dissemination of best practices related to faculty awards and recognition.
  • Strengthened connections between the Office of Research and the Office of the Provost to improve coordination and collaboration related to award nominations.
  • Presentations related to how to increase awards in different units and campuses.
  • Strategic communications from the Provost’s Office and Marketing and Communications featuring faculty recognitions.
  • Establishment of a Featured Faculty recognition at NCAA football and basketball games to highlight faculty accomplishments.

Current/Future emphasis or next steps include:

  • Collating existing award information through a Qualtrics survey.
  • Establishment of faculty awards and recognitions committees in every college.
  • Updated annual review system to make it easier to identify and collate existing awards.
  • Ongoing work of the committee to advance conversation and action related to awards.
  • Examination of data related to existing internal awards to see how they can be improved.
  • Ensure that standing committees in each college oversee the nomination process for internal and external awards.

For more information at WSU:

NWCCU standards reference: 2.B.3. Professional development and support


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