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Office of the Provost Accreditation


Accreditation Teams



Accreditation and Assessment Committee

Craig Parks: Vice Provost for System Innovation and Policy, Accreditation Project Manager
Mary Wack:
Vice Provost for Academic Engagement and Student Achievement
Kimberly Green: Director, Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness
Fran Hermanson: Executive Director of Institutional Research
Greg Crouch: Chair, Faculty Senate
Angela Merrill: Principal Assistant

Institutional Effectiveness Council

Accreditation Liaison Officer

Tel: (509) 335-5581

Accreditation Contacts

Craig Parks, Accreditation Project Manager
Tel: (509) 335-7129

Angela Merrill, Principal Assistant
Tel: (509) 335-5949

Assessment of Student Learning

The Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness and the Graduate School collect annual reports from academic programs on the assessment of student learning and produce annual university-wide summaries. Information and summaries are available on their websites.