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Support for Faculty Instructional Technologies

Support for Faculty Instructional Technologies

Topic: How does WSU support faculty in the adoption of academic technology to enhance teaching and learning?

Challenge/opportunity: The academic technology landscape is continually evolving, making it necessary for faculty to have ongoing training opportunities. WSU faculty have been quite innovative in the adoption of tools that will enhance teaching and learning, but they also have limited time to explore and learn new tools.

Recent actions/outcomes:

  • Launch in 2018 of new Learning Innovations Website, including online teaching and technology toolboxes that decrease the need for to attend trainings or workshops.
  • Faculty Innovation Lab (Spark 102) staffed Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. by an Instructional Designer or Emerging Technologist so that faculty can drop in for support at their convenience.
  • Promotion of “on-demand” training so that any training opportunity can be scheduled with individual or small groups of faculty within 24 hours.
  • Learning Innovations email list, promoting training opportunities and weekly teaching tips implemented.

Current/future emphasis or next steps: Continued development of self-help resources (printable PDF instructions, instructional videos, teaching toolboxes).

For more information at WSU: Learning Innovations

NWCCU standards reference: 2.G.6. Support for faculty use of technology


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