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Multi-campus governance

Multi-campus governance

Topic: How does WSU govern its multiple campuses?

Challenge/Opportunity: How does WSU manage its system as an integrated entity while at the same time taking advantage of the unique features of each location?

Recent actions/outcomes:

  • Executive Policy 29 specifies leadership roles and responsibilities across the system.
  • Faculty at non-Pullman locations are filling unit and college leadership positions.
  • Deans and Provost Office personnel are making regular visits to other campuses.
  • Contribution of local supervisors to faculty annual review is specified in the Faculty Manual and Executive Policy 29.
  • The procedure for approving extension of a degree program to other campuses has been streamlined.
  • Under President Schulz’s leadership the roles and responsibilities of vice presidents have been clearly defined to include oversight across the multi-campus system.
  • Integrated undergraduate recruiting strategies have been developed to assure WSU is connecting with prospective students as a system and articulating the unique value proposition of each campus.
  • Over the past decade, unique research strengths have been identified for each campus (e.g., WSU-Spokane – health sciences, WSU-Tri Cities – biofuels and wine science, WSU-Everett – advanced manufacturing).

Current/Future emphasis or next steps:

  • The university is working to improve the ability to deliver instruction to multiple campuses. This includes investigation of better technologies for delivery of multi-site lectures, and revision of the current tuition model.
  • The Office of the Provost is putting in place standards that will lead to broader and more consistent participation in graduate education by faculty at all campuses.
  • Policies and practices are being developed to assure that faculty and students on all campuses have equal opportunities to participate and benefit from online education.

For more information: 

NWCCU standards reference: Standard 2, 2.A.2


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