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Office of the Provost Accreditation

Evaluation Committee Selection

Evaluation Committee Selection

Topic: How is the accreditation evaluation committee chosen?

Challenge/opportunity: NWCCU appoints a site-visit evaluation committee for the seven-year evaluation that includes administrative and academic personnel. WSU is invited to make recommendations for schools considered to be peers; NWCCU selects the committee based on availability and expertise for committee roles.

Recent actions/outcomes:

  • NWCCU invited WSU to make nominations of institutions that WSU considers to be peers.
  • Committee members usually come from within the NWCCU service area and will have participated in training specific to NWCCU’s standards.
  • Committee membership usually includes a chair, a finance specialist, a library and learning resources specialist, a student affairs specialist, and several academic affairs specialists.
  • Committee members are announced approximately two months prior to the site visit.

Current/future emphasis or next steps:

  • After the committee is announced, the chair works with WSU to arrange for meetings the committee members have requested.
  • The committee can request additional meetings while on site.

For more information at WSU: WSU Accreditation website

NWCCU Standards reference: Not applicable; but information about NWCCU review committees is available via the NWCCU website.


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